Providing Point of Service which goes beyond just point of sale to include forming customer relationships, and maintaining them.

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Online Scheduling

  • Online Schedule Posting – Avoid calls about schedule inquires by posting online
  • Time Off Requests Shift Changes– Employees can request shift changes and time off online while management easily approves or denies each request from their email inbox
  • Management Notices – Send notices easily to all employees via text or email
  • Employee Communication Forum – Allow employees to communicate online without giving our their personal information to coworkers
  • Full Management Oversight and Control – Everything gets reviewed so that everything is seamless

Online Ordering Point of Sale is developed around Online Ordering & provides complete tracking & reporting functionality.

We have the ability to implement ideas swiftly with our entirely domestic development and support teams. Our goal is to ensure that you, the owner, have complete control over your restaurant and how it runs.

Notice how well online ordering worked with this business…

Online Reporting / Control Center

  • Emailed Automated Full System Reports – Get any report you need in your email inbox
  • PDF Format – Formatted to be opened on any computer or device
  • Management Notices – Send notices easily to all employees via text or email
  • Full Admin Control from Anywhere – Don’t be tethered to the store; go anywhere.
  • iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC Compatible

Text Messaging in Real Time

  • Labor – Find out in real time if your labor percentage becomes too high
  • Sales – Get sales figures immediately each day
  • Schedule – Find out if employees are late or don’t clock in even when they don’t call
  • Inventory – Be notified immediately if inventory is depleted
  • Calendar – Get reminded of employee obligations line food handling certificates or insurance expirations


  • Location Specific – Trace where your inventory is in the restaurant
  • Bar Monitoring – View detailed pour reporting for bar management
  • Waste Control – Monitor Waste and/or theft and avoid long term losses
  • Optimize Ordering – Get clear reading in real time of what needs to be ordered


  • VIP Cards – Reward your best customers and build brand loyalty
  • Target Markets – Target specific customer groups with email and direct mail marketing to increase sales

Increase Average Ticket

  • Cross-Selling/Up-Selling – Prompt cashiers to ask key questions during the ordering process
  • Identify Employee Success – Easily pull information identifying the more successful employees


  • Biometric Identification – Fingerprints for now (facial identification coming soon)
  • Access and Override Customization – Have employees as free or restricted as the job requires
  • Employee Access Tracking – Trace everything as easily as following a trail of breadcrumbs
  • Time Clock – Get accurate time clock reading with biometric clock punch

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