ER-380 – Low-Cost ECR with High Speed Thermal Printing

The ER-380 is a perfect choice for any small retail or food service business. The high-speed thermal printer provides receipts that match the quality of high-cost POS equipment. Built-in memory can be assigned to capture transaction information for later sorting and review (electronic journal). The flexible ER-380 keyboard can be configured with the exact functions you require, providing security, cash control and critical sales information.


  • Drop-In Paper Loading and Graphic Logo Printing
  • Up To 10 Clerks or Cashiers With Separate Report Totals
  • RS-232C Communications Port For POS Peripherals – Scale, Kitchen Printer, Coin Dispenser, Pole Display, or PC
  • Full size heavy duty metal cash drawer with open drawer switch.
  • Large 5 bill / 5 coin compartment insert tray.
  • Ten position front and rear displays with a rear pop-up display standard.
  • A partial programmable keyboard allowing customized placement of functions, as they are needed.
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