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Tabby – Affordable Tablet-Style POS for Small Retail or Food Service

HOW DOES IT WORK? How a Tabby Works


• Tabby runs on any browser capable device regardless of operating system, including PCs, mobile devices or tablets.

• You can bring your own devices (BYOD) or DCR can provide commercial grade POS tablets and peripherals.

• No application to install – adding or replacing a tablet or mobile device can be done “out of the box”. Simply open your browser and enter Tabby’s IP address.

• Price changes and managerial updates take effect simultaneously to all devices without workflow disruption.

• Remote management is inherently ready.

• No Internet is required, but connection may be desired for emailed reports or remote access.


  • Simple and Smart:
    Tabby provides features similar to those found on sophisticated SAM4s electronic cash registers. Operation is simple; tablet savvy operators can
    be trained in minutes.
  • Easy Setup:
    Program maintenance is simple and intuitive. Add items or change prices in just a few touches from either the item option screens or from the item
  • Powerful Reporting:
    Access reports remotely or at the store. Sales are tracked by item, department, time, day and operator. The sales overview dashboard provides
    a quick look at hourly, day of week and sales by day for the current month. Detailed reports and charts can be retrieved in seconds

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