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POS Hardware

POINT OF SALE HARDWARE Touch Screen Terminals Scanners Drawers Printers Paper Rolls & RibbonsTouch Screen Terminals – Click for more informationSAM4s SAP-630SAM4s TITAN-150SAM4s SPT-4740SAM4s TITAN-550SAM4s SAP-4800SAM4s SPT-7540SAM4s 7ART-TabletSAM4s SAP-630 Hybrid ECR-Style Open Architecture POS TerminalsThe SAM4s SAP-630 Series is an ECR-Style all-in-one Android POS terminal. Featuring a hybrid design, SAM4s has combined a 9.7″ touch display for operating the POS …

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Restaurant Point of Sale

Experts will work closely with you to build your custom menu and configure your POS system to fit your specific requirements, with as many stations, users, and software integrations as you need.

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Market Scales

For many businesses, scales are an essential piece of equipment and finding the right model is necessary for productivity and profit. We offer a wide range of choices, from scales that weight just a few ounces at a time, to those that can register weight over 120 lbs.

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Retail Point of Sale

Create the ultimate checkout experience and business management setup with our industry-leading point of sale (POS) software. With 40+ years of experience, it’s no surprise that our customers rely on us to simplify managing their complex business operations.

Ten Tips To Prevent Theft, Giveaways And Overpouring

Theft is an ongoing threat to the profitability and longevity of a bar, restaurant or nightclub. It can negatively influence staff morale and cost bar owners thousands of dollars of losses each month. Many employees may not consider their actions to be stealing and may not realize the consequences of their actions. They are more likely to reduce your profits …

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4 Tips for Choosing a Secure POS System

Sarita Harbour, Business News Daily Contributor   |   April 07, 2014 10:16am ET | If you’re serious about building a successful small business, you’ll need to choose a merchant account service and point-of-sale (POS) system to accept payments from customers. The truth is that in today’s technology-driven world, cash-only businesses won’t cut it anymore. Customers demand fast and convenient payment processing …

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Cash Registers

All SAM4s ECRs (Electronic Cash Register) are designed and built to commercial grade standards. Only the highest grade components are used in our Cash Registers, ensuring reliable performance and long life. If the need for service arises, SAM4s Cash Registers are designed to be repaired, rather than discarded and replaced. Purpose-built SAM4s Cash Registers provide traditional key security, are not ...

How the iPad is Changing Point of Sale Systems

If you’ve ever been to a commercial store before, and we’re going to have to take a guess that you have, at some point in your life, you’re familiar with the cash register. This handy dandy invention has been around in some form for well over a hundred years. Many times today, you hear cash registers referred to as points …

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The Rise and Necessity of Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems can serve a variety of purposes, and that’s why they’ve had a huge rise in popularity over the years. But surveillance systems aren’t just a fad–they’re something all companies should consider investing in. Aside from their practical uses, surveillance cameras give your company the presence of security which is not only felt by you and your clients, but …