Point of Sale Solution Reflection POS®

NCC knows that time is money and quality service is a priority to your customers.


Reflection POS® is the most reliable POS management system available.

  • Focus on accuracy increases productivity
  • Embedded operating system is resistant to spyware and viruses
  • User-friendly interface and functionality
  • Customizable to fit your needs
  • Easy to use and maintain

Deliver Greater Profits

Your POS system needs to be up and running to help your business. Reflection POS does not require a server or an internet connection.

All of your data is stored on each terminal and automatically distributed across your POS system. If a terminal goes down your business keeps moving.


Opt-In Rewards

Reflection POS® features:

  • Use up to 64 terminals. We have the capacity to get the job done.
  • Turn-key design that features a user-friendly interface. You focus on what your business needs instead of playing IT/software technician.
  • A self-healing network that provides a continuous flow of data, keeping your business running.

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