Point of Sale Systems and Your Company

Every business person knows that accuracy of transactions at the Point of Sale is the lynchpin upon which your success depends. At DCR, we are proud to offer the best solutions to your unique point of sale problems. Point of Sale – POS – whether you operate a mom and pop corner grocery, or a corporate porker like Piggly Wiggly; your business’s chances of excelling depend upon knowing that your data cash register is doing its job. When it comes to point of sale in Columbus, Georgia, we’ve got your problems solved.

Accuracy and Reliability

DCR is proud to offer some of the best point of sale systems available today. Among the very best is software developed by National Computer Corporation (NCC). National Computer Corporation’s reputation has grown phenomenally in the past 25 years and has been the recipient of accolades and awards for its innovative POS software. The NCC Reflection Embedded POS software is a global success, now being used in more than 20,000 systems in 35 countries around the world. With the most sophisticated networking capability on the market today and an ultra secure operating system, this system protects you from viruses and spyware, adding another layer of assurance that you are running the best and most reliable POS system available today.

Pilot Error

Unfortunately, the more human intervention involved in any operation, from flying an airliner to selling snacks and gasoline, the more likely there is to be an error. We all make mistakes. POS scanners are quickly creating an environment in all retail applications where mistakes at the cash register are easily identified BEFORE they happen. Peripheral scanners can make a significant difference in your bottom line.


When it comes to watching over and safeguarding our businesses from theft, burglary, and costly mistakes, none of us have enough eyes. At DCR, we are eager to provide you with yet another way to assure you that your money and your interests are being monitored at all times. We are pleased to carry a full line of surveillance systems to help you keep close watch over your operation even when you must be elsewhere. In these tough economic times, people are more likely to stoop to illegal activity like shoplifting and actual employee theft, often called sweethearting. From scalable video camera systems which allow you to add cameras to your system one-at-a-time, to our premier Sweethearting Detection System, ScanItAll, we can help with ways to keep your money in your cash register where it belongs.

Running a business is hard enough. Thankfully, today’s technology can give you the reassurance you need when you are not able (or willing) to be constantly on site to watch after your investments. At DCR we stand ready to help with all your point of sale needs in Columbus, Georgia and surrounds.