POS Malware Protection

Business owners thank their lucky stars for the advent of computers and the internet because of the way such technological innovations make running a business easier and more profitable. Now that customers can simply swipe a debit or credit card at practically every store at which they trade, they no longer need to write checks or carry cash. Of course there is that whole problem experienced by Target over the past Christmas season. The fact that customers’ sensitive personal data was stolen by cyber criminals is the stuff sleepless nights are made of.  However it is less frightening when you understand how it happened.


It Was Dexter’s Doing


Dexter is malware – a computer program which can be introduced via the internet to your point of sale computers and data cash registers, particularly if they are Windows based. Dexter lurks there as you do your business, collecting information from your credit or debit customers including their credit card numbers, names, and expiration dates. Dexter then sends the data to the cyber crooks in order that they may use your credit for their own purchases.


To date, nobody seems to know what vehicle Dexter uses to get into your POS, Point of Sale equipment. Chances are, though, the bug arrives and stays because security updates are not always kept current by the end-user, leaving the computer vulnerable.


What to Do?


If your business uses Windows based computers at POS, it is critical that you be certain that all updates are installed and in use at all times. The folks at Microsoft send these updates regularly to address security issues with what techy-types call “patches.” Patches plug the security holes in your system. When you don’t install them, you are at risk. Make it a priority. Appoint someone to monitor the regular updates so that you will know the same process is being followed at every station. A list of web addresses which are associated with the Dexter malware can be found in a helpful article online at TechRepublic.com. If you add these domains to your firewall, you should be able to keep Dexter at bay. For awhile, that is. Cyber crooks are smart guys. Staying one step ahead of them can be brutally difficult.


Get Great Protection


If you accept credit or debit cards, you need to invest in and religiously use good software. At DCR, we are proud to offer some of the best POS software packages available today. These systems stop malware at the front gate, making the initial infection and subsequent data breaches impossible.


Whether yours is a retail store, a restaurant, service station or grocery store, at DCR in Columbus, Georgia, we have the tools you need to keep you and your customers safe in a digital world.