Boutiques are chic in concept, yet complicated in reality. Inventory can range from the basic necklace, to complicated gift baskets, while customers range from window shoppers to loyal patrons. That’s why CAP developed SellWise Pro to help you reduce the time and effort you spend managing your store, while helping to improve customer service, reduce overhead, and increase sales. CAP lets you manage inventory, customers, vendors, employees, and accounting at the touch of a button, allowing you to spend less time in the office and more time with what really matters: your customers.

SellWise Pro Features:

  • Detailed Customer Names Database including Mailing List Feature
  • Robust Inventory Management and Purchasing
  • Integrated marketing tools to help drive business
  • Mix & Match and Promo Pricing, perfect for Sales
  • Frequent Buyer options to drive loyalty
  • Customer purchase history and marketing tools
  • Customizable Departments for detailed inventory reporting
  • Built-in scanning for inventory and cycle counts
  • Customizable Price Tag and Barcode Utility, including Jewelry Tag formats
  • Item picture loading so clerks can verify the product they’re selling
  • Secure, integrated credit, debit, gift, and loyalty card processing
  • Integrated Video Surveillance options
  • QuickBooks Accounting Link

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