POS Software that understands you…From the people who understand POS


L-POS takes the mystery out of the transaction flow and keeps your check-out lines moving efficiently.

Credit-Debit Payment

Are you looking for high-speed and secure card approval? Credit-Debit Payment keeps things simple and it speeds up the process.

Electronic Journal

The electronic journal provides an electronic trace of all transactions. This means that register journal rolls are no longer required, saving space, paper and time.

On-Screen Advertising

This great tool will help you promote your products and allow you to display images, movies and text content on your POS displays.

Rental Tracking

If you own a C-STORE or a market in a small town there is a good chance you are renting films. And if you are renting films you need control.

Cashier Monitoring

The Monitoring application is like a watch dog. It displays all transaction information in real-time to any computer on the network. This means that you will be able to spot-check your cashiers and get better control on fraud like sweet-hearting.

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