Point of Sale Solution Reflection POS®

Increase Productivity and Decrease Expenditures

Scalable Retail POS Solutions that Grow as You Do

At NCC, we understand that retailers need a POS software solution that serves not just one or two business needs, but all of them. Our POS solutions highlight user-friendly interfaces, ultra-secure embedded operating systems, and customizable features.

We also understand that retailers need a POS solution that will grow with them.
That’s why our retail POS solutions are scalable to your needs—whether you are an independently owned and operated business or a retail chain.

Flexible, Customizable Solutions for Every Vertical

Innovative Solutions to Meet Distinct Vertical Demands

  • Liquor Stores

  • C-Stores

  • Specialty Grocery

  • Thrift Stores

  • Gift Shops

  • General Retail



Opt-In Rewards

Exceptional Features for Retail POS

Optimize Inventory, Labor, and Security

  • Effortless Transactions - Clerks will be able to quickly and easily ring out customers using a variety of payment options. Intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces eliminate or minimize transaction errors and save retailers money.

  • Inventory Tracking - Accurate inventory control is vital to a retail store’s profit margins and overall success. Retail POS ensures that retailers have access to accurate stock levels in real-time, avoiding any stock discrepancies. System reserve warnings will alert retailers to items and products that need reordered, eliminating the hazard of running an item out-of-stock.

  • Labor Optimization - Ensure the right amount of labor to cover peak and slow times to make certain that optimal customer service is being provided. Effectively cut labor costs by monitoring employees’ schedules and creating real-time reports.

  • Security - The precise inventory tracking capabilities, provided by retail POS, will identify which items need reordered and which have been stolen or are otherwise missing. We provide retailers with a proven and reliable method to identify suspicious activity. Retailers will be able to set triggers that block clerks from completing tasks such as voiding checks.

  • Back Office Reporting - Retailers spend a majority of their time figuring expenses, calculating profits, and managing payroll. With retail POS, retailers will have complete control of, and access to, what is needed to complete these managerial tasks from the comfort and convenience of an office. Effortlessly pull cash reports, employee time cards, labor analysis, and hourly productivity reports.